Saturday 13 April 2013

A Frame (Triangle) Houses...

A beautiful abandoned A Frame (Triangle) House

Allendale House by William O'Brien
John Campbell's Leisure House, Mill Valley, CA, 1952
A frame House/cabin in the woods

A dreamy A Frame in the Woods
A lonely A frame house by the river
And for the kid in us all... A fisher price A frame :)
I have always called them Triangle houses but they are for obvious reasons called A- Frame houses and they are just so cool don't you think? I would love to take over the triangle house in the top photo and make it my own little getaway home, just like the little fisher price people :)


Rebecca said...

O, me, too (take one over for a getaway)!

The Sweet 7 said...

Where I grew up as a child in St.Lucia (island in the Caribbean), there were 3 A frame houses opposite my house. They have since been torn down. Seeing this post brought back the memories. They are lovely!

hippyatheart said...

they are amazing!

Sailor July said...

Ahhhh! I love them. They have such charm and I love that most seem itty bitty. I love tiny houses. ^_^

Anonymous said...

An A-frame house is my dream home <3