Saturday, 5 October 2013

Conversation Pits...

Conversation Pit: Imagine a world with No TV or Ipads where people actually talk :) : Jasper Conrans house
Terence Conran's Conversation pit in 1974 book "The House Book"
Modern relaxing conversation Pit
Modern conversation Pit
1960's Conversation Pit
Conversation Pit. The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement
The TV and modern technology has taken over the home hasn't it? Where as at one time the sitting/living room was a room focused around a fire where families and friends could converse now we are all facing that big flat screen TV whilst tapping away on our Ipads. I am starting to get really bored with TV, and other than a few awesome series (Game of Thrones, The Wire, Breaking Bad etc...) really would not miss my TV anymore if it disapeared into the ether.

I am all for the idea of a conversation pit like the ones above, especially the one in the top image, then even if the conversation did get dry I would have the hills to look at :)

What do you guys reckon, should we blow up our TV's?

P.s ... Havin a night mare with adding links on my new computer so will add them when figured this thing out but for now all the images can be found on my PInterest... link top left of blog :)


Amber/ Vudupink said...

OMG,so cool.You rock! xo

Milla said...

It's the pits ;)

Amani said...

I love the idea of conversation pits. No matter what inspiration the design comes from, it always look sofisticated and lounge-like and I love it! A regular set of couches and sofas never seem to feel as intimate as conversation pits do. I know I always tend to feel disconnected with people sitting across from each other in love seats or side-by-side along a bench so seatings like these would work so much better.

I wouldn't mind a flatscreen in the distance though~ personally I barely turn on my own TV to watch shows, only to play video games once in a whiloe haha

Mendruga said...

Wow! Amazing!

Jane S. said...

That first photo is an amazing conversation pit! I think I'd spend most of my time staring out that window. :)

Kath said...

yes we ditched the TV and have a lovely view across the Mendips. I need to glam it all up now :-)

tunie said...

I tossed my tv back in the 80's era of "kill your tv", and have never looked back. Internet arose to provide temptation but is a managable one. Being outside the collective consciousness, it appears crazy that people consider watching a story about a meth dealer a valid reason to keep the tube.

That show is just like the drug - the parallels are obvious: I watched enough episodes on Hulu to understand why it was so addictive and to feel the pull of addiction and then realized it was just like the drug it portrayed: I was being reeled into a world of violence and drama that served no purpose in life other than to feed itself. I forced myself to quit the show and pursued more wholesome input. I recommend taking a similarly close look and what you feed your brain and what it serves in you!

Now I read, chat online (the post-millenial conversation pit - better than nothing!) and work on homework for the art class I took up. I feel so much better about life.

Rebecca said...

Oh boy, these spaces look incredible!