Tuesday, 15 October 2013

What to Compost...

I have been in my new home for a year and shamefully I have only just ordered myself a compost bin for the garden. In Bristol we do have a weekly compost collection from the council that goes to a large composting site, so it's not like it has been going in the bin, but it is defiantly time that my garden shares in my juicing, fresh coffee and avocado obsessions.

I love the list above found in Pinterest, sadly I cant find the original link. I would love a full scale colour picture of this on the side of my fridge.


KamilÄ— said...

My grandparents have been composting things for ages now. Composting your garbage is really really good cause 1. you'll have less garbage - that means less garbage bags will be used. 2. You'll spend less cash on your garden 'cause you'll make your own fertilizers and won't need to buy them.
And I think this little list is beautiful!

Unknown said...

Hey Gabi,

I found a link for you to try. The list is broken up into about four 'slides' but it could probably be joined together.


I personally use a Bokashi composting system which allows you to compost all kitchen scraps except large amounts of liquid and bones. You should see the soil in my garden!!! AND the worms.

Good luck with the composting.