Friday 28 March 2014

The Gothenburg Home of...Nor Toma

The home of... Monki Spokeswoman Nor Toma
Nor in her Leather Butterfly Chair

Nor and Jonas on their couch... I love the tapestry cushions, most of which Nor brought from etsy

Dream catchers

you know when you find a picture on pinterest or tumblr or in a magazine etc.. and you know you would just love to see more of a home or a person? Well I had that with Monki Spokeswoman Nor Toma when I saw the picture below from Flair magazine over a year ago.

Luckily for me, Freunde von Freunden's latest wonderful home tour features a more  in depth  peek around her beautiful Gothenburg Apartment. Personally I am not a taxidermy fan, but the rest of the place is wonderful isn't it?

I have only featured a small number of the  original  photo's. To see the rest and an interview with Nor click here

Nor Toma from Flair Magazine


Suzanne said...

The plants......the pictures.......the colors! OH MY

moonpoppy said...

Wow she's really got a "green thumb",all that vibrant green:)The place looks so cozy,I love it.


Henna Karlo said...

Nice post and thanks for sharing.