Monday 17 March 2014

World Of Interiors..... The best of Living Rooms

The best Of World of Interiors Living Rooms: photo by ricardo labougle for the world of interiors
The best Of World of Interiors Living Rooms: Paris apartment of KK Auchincloss in World of Interiors, November 2012

Designer Lulu Lytle's London living room. World of Interiors, July 2011
World of Interiors, October 2011. Photography by Christopher Simon Sykes. Christopher Gibbs' house, Tangier.
Since 1990, the artist, Peter Armstrong, has lovingly covered the walls of his Brixton terrace house with his favorite pages from magazines.Source: World of Interiors.
Umberto Pasti's rainy season house in Tangiers. World of Interiors, photo: Christopher Simon Sykes.

Unknown Issue
World of Interiors is the only magazine I subscribe too. World of Interiors is a visual delight every month and for those of you who haven't brought a copy yet I urge you to give it a go. I have been subscribed for a few years and although not every month has properties to my taste I love looking at passionately decorated homes, not the usual over Interior designed celebrity pads or lifeless styled homes you get in other glossy mags.

This week I am highlighting some of the best living rooms from the magazine. Not all of them have the magazine issues attached, for which I apologize, but it is a good excuse for you to buy some copies and have a look for your self :)


Anonymous said...

just wanted to say, love your blog. your entries always my favourites in my rss reader.
thank you

Rachel said...

Beautiful and inspiring thank you for your wonderful blog Gabi - it is my respite and moment to exhale amongst the busyness of daily life, I will definitely be putting some of the ideas into a new cob building that we are planning this year so thank you for your inspiration x

Moon to Moon said...

Thank you Rachel. Hope to see some pictures of your cob when it is finished xx

Thank you Anon. It is always lovely to get good feedback