Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Fridge as a Canvas to Express yourself...

The Fridge of.. Photographer Laure Joliet
The fridge of The Wild Unknowns Kim Kranz
Fridge with Beautiful Spring Magnolia
A multitude of personal photos
Fridge door: maps and photos
Decorated fridge door
Fridge with Wall chart  
Wall Chart from Chelsea Granger on Etsy
Fridge and House plants
If like me you have a big ugly European brick of a fridge then why not use it to display some of your favorite postcards, photographs, magnets and recipes and top it off with an impossible to kill spiderplant.... perfect!


Anonymous said...

I love fridges as pinboards! Ours is covered in old photos, and it makes me smile every morning - like a friendship history waiting to greet you as you brew tea :)

Sparrow Lyn said...

What a nice use the frindge as a pin board ! definitely something I will do.........Lynda

Sandi said...

Just discovered your site. So many beautiful and inspiring images!!!