Monday, 30 June 2014

Current Obsession: Crochet Doily Rugs

Ladies and Gentleman Studio: Mega Doily Crochet Rug

How cool are these hand crotchet doily rugs from Ladies and Gentleman Studio? Having given crocheting a go recently and being absolutely terrible (the baby blanket I made was shocking!!) I am in awe of these rugs.. I must get back to practicing


My Grama's Soul said...

That looks like she is braiding with rope......I'll bet you can do this.



franziska / stilgerecht said...

This is beautiful! If you find some time, you´ll easily getting back to it and it will be awesome!
i just collected the things which are needed to make an macrame curtain like this :

i keep coming back to your blog, i just love the beautiful things you collect and find in the internet and which you share with all of us. your blog is one of the most inspiring to me. thank you very much.

all the best for alexander and your new experience of being a mom.

Lotta said...

I love these rugs! I made one for xmas and it was the last one. It was such a struggle. But I can't help myself these are soo cute.