Tuesday, 1 July 2014

7 Fabulous Bathrooms....

Chinoiserie Wallpaper
Carlo Mollino’s bathroom in Turin, Italy.
Vanessa Bell's Bathroom
Beautiful 1920's bathroom
Duchess of Alba's bathroom designed by Rateau
This bathroom reminds me of Amelie or a David Lynch film scene

Tiled bathroom


PinkPanthress said...

By all that is Holy... that green Bathtub nook in the 4'th image is killing me.

I am not a bathing type person, but for this one I would stop my daily showering regime... and bathe every f***ing single day! ❤

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Suzanne said...


My Grama's Soul said...

These are all beautiful. Do you think Carlo M. really uses those fringed towels? LOL


hug that new baby for me

Lady Violet said...

They are all beautiful. I wouldn't even mind all of that grout to clean. The red tiled bathroom? Gorgeous.

Sarah said...

I love the sink in that last image and the 1920's green tiles bathroom - gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)

Manuela Biondi said...

I simply love Carlo Mollino's bathroom!
So inspiring...