Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Colourful Eclectic Home of... Josh and Caro

 This beautiful eclectic home in the heart of Dorset, England is the perfect balance of Quintessential English country and Marvelous Mexican. The owners Caro and Josh, of Corita Rose, brought the dilapidated former brewery 21 years ago and have spent the last two decades turning the property into the beautiful eccentric home that they share with their three children Blue, Tiger and Kit.

 My Style: The house has evolved over a long period of time. Everything is personal and has a story behind it. We had no money when we moved in so pretty much everything is second hand from junk shops or auctions or donated by friends and family. 

Inspiration: I am inspired by folklore, heraldry, traditional stories from other cultures and countries from Medici Florence to the Rabari tribe to the Navajo. I love how the bold bright colors of one culture seep through into another. 

Favorite Element: I love the ground floor. It is the heart of the home. The layout is in a loop and there are always people there playing music by the fire or chatting at the kitchen table. 

Biggest Challenge: When we moved in, the building was derelict. Originally it was a brewery and the pub it served is still next door, but later it became a pottery. When we moved in there were still kilns on the ground floor. There was only very basic electricity and no hot water. We made the upstairs habitable and moved in there. As the children came along and we needed more space we worked our way downwards very very slowly. It took us about 20 years to get to the ground floor.

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Meg said...

Congratulations on your win for best design inspiration blog on the Amara Interior Blog contest! You definitely had (and continue to have) my vote. YAYYYYYY! I hope you will do a blog post to celebate this fantastic win! Very well done. XOXO from Arizona!

Taylor said...

Love your space - thanks for the inspiration!


Rachel said...

Yo la llamaría casa con personalidad, que es como debe ser una casa.