Sunday 2 November 2014

Peacock Chairs...

Peacock Chair in Megan Starr's Bohemian Home
Peacock Chair in the eclectic Home of Leah Hoffman
Chase of Stoned Immaculate Vintage in his vintage Peacock chair
Danielle and Jeffertitti : Peacock chair in Topanga Canyon home
Pre Loved Rattan Peacock Chair in Erin Wassons Bohemian L.A home

Peacock chairs have become a bit of a regular feature here on Moon To Moon. Over the years I have started to see them more and more in the homes that I feature. So this post is dedicated to the Peacock chairs of Moon to Moon' s 'the home of...' series. If you click on the links below the images it will take you back to the full house tours.

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I would love to see your Peacock chairs, if you fancy sharing please hashtag moontomoonpeacockchair on Instagram

xx Gabi xx


moonpoppy said...

I would love one of those for my home.

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