Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Berlin home of ... Kate Bellm

"It is a warm summer afternoon in Kate Bellm's house in Berlin- Friedrichshain. The doors and windows are widely opened and the sound of music reaches the lovely backyard, were two turtles enjoy some rays of sunshine. The spacious living room with an open kitchen and loft-character speaks of a creative spirit and instantly takes oneself on a journey into the world of the 26-year old from London. All over the place souvenirs, painted wood, colorful carpets, talismans and wall decoration tell stories about the journeys of the young Berliner by choice, who has already made quite a name for herself as a photographer internationally. Apart from campaigns for labels such as Kaviar Gauche, Kitsune and Lika Mimika, her editorials for Interview Magazine, L’officiel and Vogue UK are only a few publications of her impressive portfolio.

In the middle of 2000 Kate moved to Berlin, to the city of partying and of the excessive lifestyle, where she quickly erased this exact world between long nights and dawn from her own world. Instead she straightaway saw the potential of the creative scene of the German capitol and felt the need to put all her energy into her projects. While her commissional work is mostly about shooting beautiful girls in eclectic settings, her analogue photography wanders on a far more intimate and personal path.....

To view more Images and read the full Interview with Kate Bellm visit IgNant


franziska / stilgerecht said...

wow. so so so beautiful.
i´m happy to see we got these kind of charming living spaces here in germany.
thanks a lot for sharing.
love from germany :)

Berenice Big ! said...

Folklo and happy interior ! Like it !

Heather said...

Inspiring place to live.

Unknown said...

Such a funky space.