Friday 16 January 2015

'My Nest'... Laura from Fat Lama Vintage

A selection of Laura's Kantha Throws which she sells in her Etsy Shop Fat lama Vintage

Welcome to tthe second part of the 'My Nest' feature here on Moon to Moon. The aim of the new 'My Nest' feature is to get a glimpse into real life readers homes. That means no stylists re-arranging furniture and adding props, and no fancy photographers with light meters.... All photographs are by the owner ensuring all the 'nests' are the homes as they really are, lived in and perfectly imperfect, dirty dishes and all. . Alongside the photos there is also a set of 10 questions to get a bit of juicy background on the property and the family.


The image of the meditation room is one of my all time favorite images. Everything about that room is just perfect. I have featured Laura's beautiful house on Moon to Moon before but now a couple of years later Laura has opened up her beautiful front room, I have one of her beautiful Suzani's from her Etsy shop Fat Lama and we are now proper facebook buddies!!

So it seemed logical that Laura's beautiful home feature in the 'My Nest' series..... I was also just desperate to find out more about her influences and sources!!

1) Where do you live and what do you do for a living? 
 I live in Reading, Berkshire (England) and have done since I came here to start Nursing training when I was 18. I have left several times, but always seem to find my way back.

 2) What attracted you to your current home
I work part time with homeless women with substance abuse issues, and I run Fatlama on Etsy.

3) how long have you lived there/ will you live there
 Nige and I were mooching around town one day and we saw a sign saying outside an estate agent saying that we could probably buy a house for the same price as renting, so we went in....ours was the first house we looked at, it just had a really good feeling about seemed to say 'ah, youre here at last!' we have been here for 22 years now. I'd find it hard to move as the place has a lovely vibe and has cared for us so well over the years.

We do plan to move to India when we have paid off the mortgage, but we will probably keep the house and rent it out.

4) what is your favorite/ most treasured item.
My most treasured physical item is a beautiful hand painted 1930's Thanka of White hangs over the fire place. We bought it in Nepal when we were traveling for a year.

5) where do you buy most of your furnishings and accessories 
I buy most of my furnishings and accessories second hand, or on ebay. I find you can get everything and more from Ebay, I have have some fantastic buys and I love it!

 6) how would you describe your style?
Mmmm, my style would be probably boho-electic-rustic I like touches of industrial too.

7) what/who inspires your home style / decision making when buying a new piece.
Who inspires me...hmm, most of my inspiration has come from my travels to to India and Nepal, Bolivia and Peru, many places. My style comes from wanting to re create those places around me, cos those were the happiest times of my life 

8) what/ where would be your dream home?
My dream it would be in India, somewhere, probably Himachal Pradesh. Just a cosy little place in the mountains with my bloke although I am very happy here too...      

9) what was the last item you bought?
The last item I bought was a lovely Azilal Rug from Danielle Donker of Beyond Marrakech great prices!

10 ) any wish list items?
wish list items...mmm, I need a new bathroom desperately! I'd like a Moroccan style wet room with Tadelakt walls. yum.
Also I'd rather like one of those African Ju ju hats!   



acyhoz said...

omg i;ve been searching the source of the first pic for sooo long!! thanks hehe. I really love that style. Its perfect and cozy <3

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Rebecca said...

Be still my heart!

Kath said...

I never knew Reading could be so cool! (my claim to fame, is that I bought my wedding dress there!)

Holly said...

The meditation room is sooo lovely. Nestling in there would be a fantasy!

Meg said...

I love your "My Nest" feature! I hope you will continue to showcase homes for us to see here! Really lovely, thank you.

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