Wednesday 11 March 2015

Current Obsession: Posters from SugarHigh LoveStoned

UnFuck the future
Close your eyes enjoy the mind

I love these posters from clothing label SugarHigh LoveStoned. Hand drawn by one half of the talented Sugarhigh duo,  Tami!

My personal favorite is the Unfuck the Future one, reminds me of Vintage sex-education literature :)


Joy said...

Why does one use the F word so nonchalantly? It is offense on any level.

Eva Alessandria said...

Hmpf. I for one, don't find fuck "offensive", maybe at my ripe old age I've seen too much to be offended by a word, all a matter of perspective I supposed...
Gabi I dig the art too, I like the message that comes along with "Unfuck the Future" and I'm really down with the "Close Your Eyes Enjoy Your Mind" piece.
Very cool, thanks for sharing them!

Unknown said...

I think they do it to upset people. Just like I used to say "bum" in front of the vicar to upset my mother. Shows a similar level of maturity too.

Unknown said...

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