Thursday 16 July 2015

Kids Bedrooms: Embracing Colour....

Kids rooms: Embrace the colour
Kids Bedrooms: Embrace Colour... lego storage and Vintage bedding

Colourful handmade quilt and Gorgeous Sausage Dog painting
I love that Racoon and Heico Toadstool lamp

Love the Giant painting
Colorful nursery/ kids room

Since having Alex the one thing I have found myself a little unprepared for is the gradual injection of colour that has been slowly taking over my previously warm muted toned house. At first i did well to contain the ever growing mass of bricks, blocks and toy phones, but now I am learning to embrace it...... my bohemian earthy toned hippie pad can wait till my 60's!!

Colour doesn't have to mean you give into plastic matter that will be clogging up the landfill in centuries to come, there are some beautiful toys available that will brighten up your little Monkies life, without literally costing the Earth....

So Below is a little selection of my favorite Colorful toys for girls and boys :-)

1) Balthazar knitted doll by LuckyBoySunday available at Pippa and Ike
2) Grimm's 6 piece Rainbow, available from Little acorns to mighty oaks
3) Tiger Wheely Bug available from Born
4) Wooden nesting dolls by Helen Dardik, available from Pippa and Ike
5) Heico large Mushroom lamp (yes this is plastic) available from Petit home
6) The Noisy Book by Soledad Bravi (Alex's absolute favourite)
7) Heirloom Bear Blanket by Roxy Marj


Unknown said...

Lots of lovely inspiration!

moonpoppy said...

Thank you for the inspiration.
I just had my third(and last)baby,a girl after two boys,and I love the toys you selected!

My home is already beaming with colour,so those toys will fit right in :)

bazaarliving said...

Lovely colorful rooms!