Thursday 4 November 2010

Wooden Homes pt.2

I have posted the above picture before but I love it

Aren’t these natural wooden homes gorgeous?

I spend so much time dreaming about what I would like to buy to make my home 'better' ...... beautiful fabrics, Moroccan rugs, a ceramic lamps, new curtains… the list goes on....but every now and then I come across a picture of a handmade wooden home, surrounded by trees, made with passion and minimal and I am reminded to just slow down and appreciate the finer things.

Life could be so much more simple, so less stressful, if I just calmed down and was surrounded by nature , and lived a life where there were no mobile phones or social media  and I didn't concern myself with Interiors blogs (just Moon to Moon of course)


Kara said...

first of all, i will thank you for the shout out! i actually wanted to make sure that i comment on your blog so that you know how much i enjoyed yours! i grew up in brownies and my brother grew up in boy scouts, and i hope to keep my kids out of these programs as much as possible (especially boy scouts who only allow heterosexual, christians as leaders and eagle scouts!) i think religion is best kept within the family -especially OUTSIDE of work and school- and not paraded around... same with my personal lack for religion. the program that you mentioned seems perfect, so i'm planning on finding out if we have that or something similar in the US -which i'm sure we do. love love love hearing from you, as always :)

p.s. - falling in love with these pictures! i would love nothing more than living in one of these homes surrounded by trees and mountains! especially that second loft picture.... i can't believe people buily these themselves! it really is art! xo

Moon to Moon said...

Woodcraft (woodcraft folk) was awesome, we wrote birthday cards to Nelson Mandela when he was in prison and learnt all the names of flowers and edible mushrooms!

Glad you like the pictures as you were the inspiration :) It would be so cool to live in one wouldn't it?
xxx Violet

ramona said...

Beautiful pictures.These are my favorite.
As much as I appreciate the decorative arts, we can't compete with nature. She has the final say. The house showing the family is so inviting, so simple and well crafted.

I'm reminded that much of the great art in the world uses nature as inspiration.

I too get caught up in must haves.
Marketing is a powerful tool that is very seductive and deceptive. We need only to spend time in nature to come to our "senses", to come back to who we really are.
Thank you for the lovely post!

nyssa said...

in love with every single image..beautiful.. and what a reminder too about other ways of living. xo

Moon to Moon said...

Ramona I totally agree with what you said about coming back to our "senses".

Sonja said...

Beautiful spaces so cozy and woodsy. Ahhh love them! :o)

Carousel Dreams said...

Beautiful wooden homes, but more importantly, thankyou for that link! Just brilliant x

Crystal said...

Oh, my. The house with the curved polished staircase, and the one with the sweet looking couple are so totally lovely. I am having major house remodeling lust right now and your blog is only enabling me :)
Thanks for taking the time:)

Laurie Brown said...

Ooh, cool pics! Wood houses from the 70s. Some of them look familiar; I drooled over those back then.

There was a restaurant in town that had that aesthetic from back then up until a few years ago, and then they 'upgraded' and went all drywall and enameled trim and broadloom- I found that very disappointing. While it's not the look I ended up going with, I do love seeing it.

Unknown said...

i'm IN LOVE with these too! - i have a thing for exposed beams and true wood (not the engineered stuff) .. LOVE LOVE LOVE

PS - want FREE art? - come 1 come all and *JOIN PHOTOgraphy Give-Away * .. if you interested of course!

*kiss kiss*

erin said...

that bath! in the little sunroom/garden.. oh my... i need that in my dream home

Heidi said...

These are fantastic! I just re-watched "Life As A House" with Kevin Kline, a lovely movie about mending a family while building a home, and the final house is beautiful! Definitely recommended, especially if you love wooden homes. Thanks for these pictures, so warm & cozy.

Patio design said...

I like this wooden work. This is so attractive and looking so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing these creativity pics with me. I am always searching web site addresses of people who build amazing wooden structures like yours in Montreal. If you have any web sites, thank you to add them here.

Kate Schmidt said...

Do you know where the house in the second picture is located? I feel like I've been there before.

Unknown said...

Some of these photos can be found in a book called woodstock handmade houses. One of my favorite books to peruse when daydreaming :) love your blog!

double glazing northern ireland said...

I love the pictures!!!