Friday, 13 May 2016

Ikea: Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp

Sinnerlig Lamp From Ikea

I am more than just a little bit in love with the Sinnerlig pendant lamp from Ikea, and it seems I am not alone. I have seen the rattan pendant lamp pop up in a fair few interiors over the last year and I am tempted to get one for my hallway.

The simple rattan design is a great modern take on a 60's favourite and I am all in favour of encouraging the return of Rattan...

What do you guys think?

Ikea's Sinnerlig Pendant lamp in Rotterdam's experimental Green house home
Ikeas Sinnerlig Pendant Light in a Gothernburg apartment
Sinnerlig Pendants


SR said...

I love it and we do have it.
The only thing which quite often comes to my mind is - where and how was it produced. Did the makers of this beautiful lamp have fair working conditions and do they get a fair price for their work?


Meg said...

We have a similar lamp, not from IKEA, it was purchased from Anthrolopolgie several years ago. Very much same as this one.

Anna said...

I saw this lamp, and saved it, on Pinterest before I realized that it came from ikea. Being Swedish, and not a big fan of ikea, (you can find their stuff is in every home here, and it kind of make them all look the same) I'm actually thinking about making an exception of my almost boycott of larger things "ikean" in my home, because this lamp is really, really pretty (and affordable) and would look great in our conservatory!