Thursday, 19 January 2017

Artist Focus: Crystal Liu

the lake, "in dreams"
gouache and watercolour on paper,
40 by 40 inches,
the lake, "in the blue"
gouache and watercolour on paper,
30 by 30 inches,

I discovered Crystal Liu a few weeks ago and after posting one of her pictures on Instagram but loved her work so much that I wanted to show off her work to you guys in more detail....... it is just too stunning to not share!!

These beautiful images are from her 'the lake' series. Can you imagine how beautiful they must look in all their 30 x 30 inch glory?

To see more of Crystals beautiful work visit her website here

the lake, "the possibilities..."
gouache and watercolour on paper,
triptych, each panel is 44 by 30 inches

1 comment:

moonpoppy said...

I thought it was silk or something like that when I saw the pictures,unbelievable it is "just"paper!