Monday 23 January 2017

Style: Maria Cauldron's Raw Silk Dresses...

Maria Cauldron

Have you seen these wonderful natural hand dyed dresses from Maria Cauldron? I am a little bit obsessed with these right now... Each of the one of a kind pieces is made using natural plant and insect dyes, harvested in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner from conscious companies and collectives that give back to the source.

Each textile piece must undergo its own personal process that spans 3-5 days of preparation and immersion. Including...
24 hours of Mordanting (preparing the fiber)
24 - 48 hours of Extracting the Dye from the matter.
24 hours of Clamping, Tying, Binding, Wrapping, Dying, Washing and Drying.
Multiple colors could add an additional 48 hours.
To see more of Maria's pieces including my favourite the Mamacocha diamond dress visit her webpage here

Storm Raw Silk Diamond

Altocumulus raw silk Yemaya 

Rose Sunrise LS Heyoka Jumpsuit

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