Sunday, 29 October 2017

Sunday Ceramics: Zabriskie Point by Sherise Lee

Zabriskie Point Mug made by Sherise Lee available at The Radder

These mugs!!!!

Zabriskie Point hand made mugs by The Radder's Sherise Lee

"Inspired by the layered desert landscape of Death Valley's Zabriskie Point, this mug is wheel-thrown with mixed high-fire clays, dipped in food-safe glaze and hand painted with matte metallic gold. Fired three times, this stoneware mug is ready for your favorite brew. Each one has slight variations due to it's hand made nature."

Currently out of stock but shop to soon be updated in the next couple of months....

This is the first in the new series of 'Sunday Ceramics' posts showcasing the work of potters/ceramic artists from around the world. If you have any favorite (or are a) potters/ceramic artists that you would like to see the work of please leave a comment below or email me at


Sandi said...

Gabi, you have the coolest things on here! LOVE those mugs. Sold out. Sigh... I’ll wait. :)

Laurel Hill said...

i've been eyeballing these for a looong time, they're so great!! love these, and sherise.

Unknown said...

These mugs are jawdropping. Also, I have been reading for some time. I love you posts and home finds. Thank you!
Liz (