Thursday, 9 August 2018

Phoebe Wahl : Bloom Weaving

'Bloom' Weaving from Phoebe Wahl

Last night I stayed up late to bag myself a couple of the very ltd "Moomin Day' Mugs for christmas presents..... I missed out as they were really popular selling out in 3 minutes! :(

So I woke up more determined not to miss out on the Phoebe Wahl 'Bloom' weaving pre-order...... so have bitten the bullet and ordered one just now.... and (although now my family will be eating baked beans for a month) I am so excited!!

These lovely floral weavings are 100% cotton and perfect as throws or wallhangings ..... mine is going to be dropped over the foot of my bed.

The Pre-order is only open for another couple of days (until 12th August) so get yourself over to


elizabeth said...

Thanks to you I have a new crush on Phoebe Wahl. Upon seeing the throw I went to her website and picked up a few things, dashed over to Pinterest for more eye candy, and landed at the podcast, While She Sleeps (episode 65), for a listen in. I am in love. Thx for the intro. Btw, I am also a Nurse and mother/grandmother, but in the States. I long to visit England and enjoy seeing bits through your blog. Keep up the good work. ; D

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Yes: and now I too have a crush on Phoebe Wahl because of you. Wonderful stuff. Thanks.

GardenNorth said...

Another wonderful, whimsical artist to check out from Canada--

GardenNorth said...

Another whimsical artist to check out (from Ottawa, Canada) so cute!