Tuesday 11 February 2020

The home of.... Instagrammer Lisa Loves Vintage

Since Grace and Frankie began I have been dreaming of a beautiful blue kitchen like the one in that dreamy beach house, but have been a bit scared by the thought of such a dark colour in my otherwise very white walled house.

A few weeks ago I came across the Birmingham (UK) home of Instagrammer Lisa Piddington aka Lisa_loves_vintage and my obsession with painting my kitchen blue was reignighted. I just love that rich colour and pared with some green sploshes and house plants, it really works and doesnt fall into the trap of being too gloomy.

I love it..... what do you think?

To see more head on over to Lisa's page Lisa_loves_vintage


Rebecca said...

I 💙 blue! Can't get enough of this place!

Moon to Moon said...

its beutiful isnt it Rebecca :)