Sunday 19 September 2021

Heather Culp's Topanga Canyon home

 With the news that instagram maybe going video only I have had some thinking to do. There is no way I am going to be sharing videos. So I thought it maybe time to reactivate the blog.

But it's a strange thing....blogging. I never really felt like I had anything to say. I just posted other peoples pictures of other peoples homes, but for a while this blog was drawing in over 100k visitors a month. I got offers to work for famous brands and style peoples houses.... I never did. I don't know what people thought I was but I was never confident enough to be that person. In truth... I felt like a bit of an imposter. I was just a lover of other peoples houses, and I loved looking though websites to find dreamy secluded homes.

Now having been away for sometime I am able to see Moon to Moon for what it is... a place to share the places that make me feel calm. Homes that reject societies ever increasing push for modern matching kitchens and straight from the store, mass produced plastic tatt.... you can even buy mass produced faux-handmade-mugs.... what's that about? Why would you not want to support an actual artist for £5 more!!

Moon to Moon has always been about slow living. Over the last year and a half covid has reminded me that I am a typical earthy Tauren... a real home bod! I am happiest sat at my dinning room table on my antique victorian wooden armchair, feet up on the table with a cuppa surveying my tiny plant filled home and garden pondering life and giggling with my family.

And I think that is where Moon to Moon will continue to go... to other places where I would be happy with my cup of tea, and to other people I would be happy to share a pot of tea with.

So todays offering to you all is the home of the rather talented Photographer Heather Culp, who is also one of the co-founders of Mercado Sagrado. Her Topanga Canyon home is small but perfectly formed. Natural wood and light.... what a dream. 

In Heather's own words

"Although technically in Los Angeles my home feels far away from the city on its mountaintop perch overlooking the ocean in Topanga Canyon. It feels spacious with the indoor/outdoor aspect and amazing views but in reality it’s a simple one room cabin so I had to get creative to make the space cozy. I downsized considerably, keeping only my most precious collectables and putting some of my books into storage. I have a dog – an Aussie, and it’s a dusty environment so using mostly earth tones and layered vintage blankets, linens and sheepskins that can be shaken out often has worked well. My bathroom seemed a bit dismal at fist but now I really love it —it’s like an outdoor shower inside, filled with numerous plants and the occasional frog!"

I would happily wake up and make a cup of coffee and stare out at that amazing view.

All Photos from Dore


Rebecca said...

Oh! OH! You can't imagine my excitement to see Moon to Moon return... P.l.e.a.s.e STAY!

Elly Vortex said...

So happy to see you pop up in my RSS feed today. I have always loved your blog posts, I feel the calm and happy you describe when I read and see what you have posted. Hooray!

Bobbie Powell said...

Oh the calm life! I yearn for it and am creating it right where I am.

carlene said...

Nice to see you here (again)! I've always loved your posts (even still photos on Instagram). I guess I will need to think about firing up the old blog as well.

Verena_lake constance said...

happy to have you back here!
Greetings from lake constance!

Elderberry-Rob said...

I am so happy you are back. You have a talent for putting together images to feed my need for beauty, inspiration and imagination - that's a talent- you couldn't possibly create all those places we visit, but you did bring them to your blog and showcase them so you have created something from them and shared them - thank you! that's no doubt why you have in the past been offered contracts to style homes... it's all in the imagination! I share your interest in enjoying/admiring the homes people created and always try to leave a comment so you know people 'out there' appreciate your posts. I am off to get a cuppa to share with you while I re-read this lovely post now - thank you! (Betty)

Raven Red said...

I only just found Moon to Moon and I love it, so I am beyond thrilled you have decided to start again!!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back and will be posting. I have missed you!

Melanie said...

Hi Gabi!

I am DELIGHTED you are have such a great eye! You are not an imposter--you are a SHARER!!! You share the most magnificent finds and it inspires so many!!! I absolutely love love love your blog and have spent numerous hours scouring at all these wonderful images you have curated for us.

THANK YOU for all that you do!!!


Kerry said...

Very happy to see you back as well. I have been comforted and inspired by your blog and often revisited it when you weren’t posting. It’s my calm spot on the internet and I’ve needed calm. Thank you! Kerry (US)

Unknown said...

it makes me SO HAPPY that your have returned to share your vibe, your thoughts, your vision. I pop in periodically hoping to see a new post - was so happy to see this one in particular. - Cathy, from Baltimore

jm said...

I would be overjoyed to see your blog up and running again! I've been going through your entire blog, from the very beginning, one post at a time, for the past year or so. It's a calm, creative, peaceful retreat where I can get inspiration for my home -- and it's incomparable. There's nobody else out there providing the non-commercialized, non-corporate, handmade array of images and ideas and inspirations that you do. Thank you for all your efforts! Looking at your blog is like therapy for me! I absolutely love it!

Cure8 said...

Love to see the blog back! Curated daydreaming is what I think of it as. You don't always have to write anything more than "I like this, and I found it here." :)
I think of the blog as visiting someone's home. While Instagram is mingling at a party, it's nice, but sometimes you just want a deeper connection. :)

jenny said...

Your blog has always been a place of landing and feelings of home for me over the last 8+ years. I revisit often even when you felt you had nothing to share or offer, there was always something for me to experience again or discover. It always feels like a connection to something that I may not have here in NYC but I have in my soul. There are very few places on the interweb that feel like home for me, this is one of them... Thank you!!! Thank you for coming back!

LT said...

What inspires you... INSPIRES us - please keep at it!