Tuesday 21 September 2021

Scrumptious Living Rooms....


I was blown away by the lovely response from you guys after my last post. It was actually very motivating to carry on. 

So today, as there is finally an Autumn chill in the air here in Bristol, I am bringing you some yummy cozy living rooms. perfect tea drinking and book reading spots!! Just what I need as today is my first day back at university and I have plenty of catching up to do!

Love the low level velvet seating in the city centre apartment 

Hannah and Johns chilled out Venice Home

Farmhouse living room

Unless links provided, all Images can be found over on my Pinterest account.... where I have repinned them from others accounts. Sadly this usually means no link was provided. As always if you know the location, photographer etc, please let me know and I will alter the post ASAP.


bahnwärterin said...

beautiful homes!
thank you for sharing them - i´m so fed up with the white-light-gray-brownish, minimalistic stuff topped with white rugs with black rhombus pattern.... ;-D
want a petrol velvet sofa now!

37paddington said...

Thank you for this inspiration. I'm trying to redo my living room and realize I've been overthinking it. Comfort and a welcoming coziness should be my only guide.

Elderberry-Rob said...

Thats my kind of home - comfy furniture, earthy colours and a massive pile of books, lots of greenery and pets! Love it. Hope you find plenty of time to keep this blog going between University commitments :)

Jess said...

They all look so cosy but at the same time beautifully spacious and light! I love those big windows.x