Monday, 9 November 2009

Tibetan Ghau

I have just purchased a Old Tibetan Ghau  (A Ghau is a Tibetan buddhist amulet container or prayer box that carries powerful amuletic objects). When I was in China over the summer I nearly brought one from a Tibetan street seller but my friends talked me out of it (they dont seem to share my love of the obscure) and I have been kicking myself ever since. 

The one I have just brought is like the one above, . I am so pleased with my purchase, and although I wish i had got one in China, mine was actually 1/4 of the price the Tibetan Man was selling his for. Mine contains a small Avalokitesvara character in the centre. I was attracted to this one as Avalokitesvara's other name is  Padmapāni which means holder of the lotus. 

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Rachael Rice said...

This gives me joy! Thank you.