Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Habitat vouchers for christmas please!

Personally I think habitat are really really hit and miss, but this season I could easily find plenty to spend some good old fashioned gift vouchers on.I drink a lot of tea (I'm British) and I am very particular about my mugs, I hate matching crockery so try and seek out intresting pieces. My latest find was this  lovely mug from Habitat. Good size, good shape hmmmm tea

Haman Towels. hmmmmm

Fox glove cushion expensive but sooooo nice


Saija said...

Hi! Such a shame that I haven't realize your blog before, now I have such a work to check out all these lovely pics here! Lot of lovely things here, but better late than never!:)

Unknown said...

Lovin the cushion too! Have a lovely weekend :-)