Sunday 31 January 2010

Gypsy roots

Possibly the most glorious picture I have ever come across!!

The story is that my great great grandfather came back from his exploring with a mysterious woman with raven black hair and big wide dark soulful eyes. This lady (my great great grandmother) was a Romany gypsy. I love romance, stories of far away lands and the idea of building a home where ever the wind takes me, I am proud that the mysterious woman is part of my history.

Have a marvellous Sunday


Boho Glamour said...

gorgeous pics! your blog rocks! ♥

Unknown said...

Great pics - and great ancestry!
Have a lovely day :-)

Fab Frau said...

Wow, Violet! I think your pics beat my tee pee shots! How fabulous. What a sexy family history you have. Thanks for sharing - I'll be back to learn more about you. You sound a bit like a kindred spirt - procrastination is my worst attribute - but I'm working on it LOL! Thanks for visiting me - love that you're loving my blog! See you soon. Cheers, Suzy ;)

noura. said...

woooah this is awesome.

also, the jacket was from topshop =)

darma said...

Oh how I love these little abodes!! Gypsy life is the way to go :)