Thursday, 18 March 2010

Born with the moon in Cancer...

You may have noticed I keep the writing to bare minimum on my blog. I was not blessed with good writing skills, so I try and keep it short but sweet, but I have found out a really romantic story about one of my all time favourites Joni Mitchell that I think needs sharing.

Any Joni fans out there will be aware that before she made it 'big' she gave her daughter Kelly up for adoption, a decsion that haunted her through her life and overspilled into her song-writing, like the tearjearking (1971) 'Little green' and again mentioning her 1982 song 'Chinese cafe'.

Although I was aware of her adoption what I never knew until today was that they found each other, Joni's daughter now named Kilauren Gibb,  found out she was adopted at 27 when she was herself pregnant and began to search for her mother, and Joni finally met up with her Little Green after 33 years apart in 1997.

 I am such a sucker for a romantic story and just thought that was really sweet, maybe now I can listen to her 'Blue' without skipping track 3 for fear of crying at that sad song, Because little green did have a happy ending.


Crystal said...

Oh, Joni. I love her so much. I always wondered what happened to Little Green.

aroluna said...

Gabi, I just found this post from before I came across your blog. I am an old time Joni Mitchell's fan and knew about her re joining with her daughter, it's such an endearing story with happy ending!