Sunday, 23 May 2010


Hammam set 


a-n-n-a said...

i love the paper lanterns on the 3rd picture.
i want some for above my bed. :)

Fernanda R. Lima said...

Love, love your blog!
Going to explore.

Shanti to you.

Julia said...

hey violet! i liked reading your recent posts, but unfortunately couldnt post comments, due to a problem that occurs with firefox and the embedded comment format. now i´m commenting via IE, but maybe more of your readers have the same problem, so if you change the settings to pop-up comments everybody can comment. Hope your essay went well, i have a test today (about beetles, flies and wasps) and i´m not too confident about it.... greets BB

Moon to Moon said...

Hey Bananenblatt,
Cheers I have done that now:)
technology is not my strong point. Essay is going well cheers. Your test sounds fun, My last photography exhibition was insects

Julia said...

i´d love to see that exhibition! btw: luckily the test went well, despite my lack of knowledge *puuh*