Sunday, 9 May 2010

Gotta love those Peacock chairs

1970's Peacock chair
Peacock chair

Peacock chairs
Peacock chairs
I know many would argue, but I love the peacock chair :)
Fabulous but somewhat bizzare, my passion started form this image of Cat power.
Cat Power in a Peacock chair
Cat power - The greatest


Kara said...

ahh this is magical! i want the little boy in the first photo. and the house in the third.

Monica said...

fab. although i prefer cushiony chairs. from where's that book image?

Brianne said...

Yes, I too had two peacock chairs back in the early 80s. We actually had two peacock chairs in the "dining" area and two hammocks hanging in the living room. What fun... Your photos bring back memories - always. Thank you so much for such a visual feast each and every time I vist.

Kay said...

These chairs bring back so many memories! I used to own some similar to Peacock with the huge rounded backs. I wish I had kept them! Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing!

Robin said...

Swinging by very late to this conversation...

I'm from the 70s. I well remember peacock chairs; they had a certain unmistakable vibe that said "The person who lives here is a peacock-chair type."

They did, however, have two significant drawbacks:

1. They were incredibly uncomfortable. I have multiple memories of sitting bolt-upright in one, listening to the wicker creak and sipping some kind of exotic herbal tea. (Peacock-chair types, you dig...)

2. They were "chick chairs". As a guy (worse yet, an adolescent one), I would only sit in one under duress -- say, every other chair, stool, sofa arm, and milk crate in the house was taken -- and felt my masculinity, such as it was, threatened throughout the ordeal.

Gender-specific furniture is the definition of impractical. As was the entire era of my youth. Which I somehow miss terribly now that I'm old.

Thanks for the fun post and blog!