Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Wall hangings


Wilmary S. said...

Wow!! I really like those!!
Btw great blog!! I'm following...

Mine is www.nycislandgal.com
Hope you like it and follow me too!! (share the love)


Anonymous said...

Gosh this handbag is insane !! Where is it from ?

Semiha said...

Hello Violet!

I just came across your blog and fell in love with the photos! Thanks a lot for sharing them, they are indeed inspiring.

I would like to use one of them in the blog that I'm creating these days. That's why I'd like to know whether you are the photographer in order to ask you for permission to use the photo and give proper credits(wall hangings, the red carpet photo).

Thanks in advance.

Moon to Moon said...

Hey Semiha,
I am not the photographer. The blog is made of images from tumblr and google searches. I think however somewhere i may have the company name for that one. I shall have a look for you and if i find it put a link under the picture. xx