Friday, 15 October 2010


I think I must have been a bear or a hedgehog in a past life.

 The urge to Hibernate is defiantly running high at present, especially as I get up, in the dark at 5.45am (yuk) to head off for a 7am start in the hospital.

Gone are the dreams of summery modern white crisp rooms with well organised book arrangements and ornaments. 

In with dreams of realistic, scruffy, homely, cosy rooms, with a bit of character and ill matching charity/thrift shop finds. In with curling up with a good book, in my chair, a blanket on my knee, and a nice big mug of home made soup and some crusty bread.


mamabeaks said...

lovely rooms...... I love winter because I love to hibernate too. I love a big mug of sweet coconut chai tea when it's cold.

Carousel Dreams said...

You read my mind! Wonderful, inspiring post as always x

p.s. bohemian said...

yep. let the hibernating begin! i've made two batches of chili in the last two weeks - must be a sign :)

Fernanda R. Lima said...

Love, love to come here! So many inspirations!

Anonymous said...

So great to look through your lovely posts - especially when you are far from home, sitting under the African sun ;-)