Wednesday 6 January 2016

Film Set: Paddington Bear

This year, for the first time in about 5 years, since becoming a nurse, I didn't work Christmas day, or boxing day, or new year..... I had the whole holiday off. It was awesome. I was a normal person for the first time in ages and it felt really bloody nice.

I even got to watch a few Family Christmas films, including Paddington. I have to be honest I wasn't that interested in watching it, but I am so glad I did...... it was so magical, in fact I adored it!! Not just because it was a really heart warming little story, but also the set design and wardrobe were out of this world.... I haven't been that excited about colour since Amelie!!

The highlight for me were (other than actress Sally Hawkins' clothes.....I really want that jumper above) the stunning red chinoiserie wallpaper in the bedroom, the Cherry blossom tree in the wonderful warm stairway and the dreamy kitchen!!!

So I urge you to give it a watch, you can pretend it is just to check out the interiors..... But if you are a big baby like me make sure you have some tissues at the ready


PinkPanthress said...

I think I will give it a try, after all Doctor Who & Dumbledore are in it, too... ;)

What is it with some movies, that they tend to be so memorable by their interior (besides the Story told)...? For example the Cottage in Rutherford's Miss Marple movies or that 'witchy' house in Practical Magic??
I adore this Interior, too, just by those few screencaps I saw now from you!!

Unknown said...

Oooh i am absolutely going to find this and watch it with Luna! Beautiful, especially the bedroom xxx

Boho Mixology said...

P watched it at school so i didnt see it, now i feel like i need to!

Zoe xx

Camera Idiot said...

I am completely stunned by the flowering vine lamp in the mom's room, I wonder if they made it especially for the movie? Wow, I need this lamp.

Laura Morrigan said...

I was crazy about that house, too!

Kath said...

I spy a wonderful scrap quilt in the attic, I will have to watch the film now to get a better look!

Moon to Moon said...

It is such a faboulous film and house guys you have to watch it. Zoe and Georgie you will adore it!!

Kath, you will love the textiles!!

Camera idiot, yeah that lamp is awesome!!

Mercedes said...

Wauw that really looks very cosy! Should go and see it soon!

Debdor said...


I love the Nanny McPhee films for the same reason, especially the bed covers in the first one.