Monday 22 November 2010

Bohemian kitchens

I have been really uninspired recently. I don't know if it is the cold damp weather making me sleepy, or that I have been working full time in the hospital as well as having a ton of university work to do, and a part time job, phew. My full time work has come to an end until February, so I can at last rejoin the world, and find time to myself.
Starting with cooking, long soaks in the bath, drinks with friends and blogging.

It's good to be back


The Creative Bohemian said...

I love this selection. I am in the midsts of revamping my own kitchen, so these images are quite inspiring. I like a mix of old-world tuscan and cottage gypsy.

Thanks for sharing them.


Morgaine Pendragon said...

These are great! I'd love to have a kitchen like one of these. The 'modern' look kitchen just doesn't do much for me...I must be bohemian at heart because I really love the style.

Julia said...

i´m happy youre back :)
hope you have enough time now to calm and relax.
i love the images above, too...i´ve rearranged my kitchen recently but its a never ending process i guess, i always find something that has to be changed ^-^

Laura said...

Your blog i AMAZING! where do you find all these images? my grandma has a kitchen like the one in the fifth picture. actually here all grandmas have this kinda kitched:) ans i always thought it's fantastic. thank you for this blog

Barbara said...

Hang in there and keep posting! Love your blog! xx

Moon to Moon said...

Glad you all like the pictures and thank you for your support.

I am rubbish at giving sources to my finds I am sorry, i spend hours looking through he internet and save some for months before they get used.

xx Violet

~ s ~ said...

hi there :) happy new year! found you via pinterest...i love your style and can't wait to see all the photos you have here. i am you newest follower -

Sarah said...

Looking through so many old posts! I'm in love with your blog! Following!