Friday, 9 September 2011

Entertaining friends .....

Alaska flowers
Bu dd ha

happy hippies

Bulgarian room
Designed for life

style files
Spell and the gypsy collective
I am going away to Devon for the weekend with some friends and I can't wait. I feel like since finishing university all I have been doing is anxiously applying for jobs. I have been working full time and have not really given myself time to breathe. So this weekend is exactly what I need. Copious amounts of wine, good food and great company. Bliss.


Vix said...

Have a lovely weekend, hope you manage to chill out in some heavenly places, just like these! x

Andrea said...

hi Gabi...Devon=gorgeous! have a lovely time!..x.

Solana {Solo Thais} said...

I love these images...and that colorful rug 3 images down is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

have a great time! devon is 2nd only to cornwall as my fave place in england.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* All these images are breathtaking, but the first and third photos I can perfectly picture myself in. Thank you for sharing, and have fun on your trip!

Sidereal Day said...

I'm imagining being in the 1st photo right now with some great friends and great food with a warm breeze in the air....ahhhhhh.

blogmoodeuse said...

My friends are all coming for visiting me on the 20th of october so I'm sure I'll be feeling as you right now !! Enjoy it a big max !!

The Waits said...

hope you have a wonderful time! Sounds like you are super busy!
great pics. i love the one where they used a big fan for on top of the ceiling in pic number 2.

Julia said...

Wish you a great weekend!
I´m currently searching for a new flat for my bf and me, and the one in the second picture would be perfect, just what i want! Can i please move in there?

the wild magnolia said...

Wonderful places of my dreams.

Zoe said...

I just love Devon a perfect place to relax and have fun, enjoy your break :)

Zoe xx

Unknown said...

Wow such a beautiful post...every image just so dreamy.
So much inspiration!
Have a great weekend x

Notes From ABroad said...

Why is it that every time I look at your blog, I change my mind on how I want my rooms to look in my next home ?
The second and third photos do it for me ..
besos, C

Kath said...

Have a lovely weekend Gabi, relax, unwind, laugh and sleep! :-D