Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Really ties the room together ...

The dude
Unknown source 

Elle decor
Marie claire Maison

Linen and lavender
Unicorn milk

Yesterday I got back onto my yoga mat for the first time in far far too long. Since I had been away my centre has gained a new teacher and she is amazing (sadly she is off to Pune for a month to meet Mr Iyenga himself). I feel refreshed, I don't know what has kept me away for so long.

The rug (yoga mat) really does more than tie my room together - ha ha oh such cheese, sorry!!!

p.s. If you haven't seen the big Lebowski yet make sure you do xx


Sidereal Day said...

Love the dude!
My husband was quoting from that movie just yesterday.

Gorgeous rooms. A little rug in the kitchen makes such a difference, soooo hard to keep clean though.

Linda said...

I Love the Dude!! LOL These rooms are unique...I love anything like that...

I agree that a rug makes such a difference in the kitchen.... but it is hard when you have two little dogs!! LOL
Great post to start my day with!!

Peace ;)

Vix said...

The Dude! I love you for mentioning him in a post!
Gotta love a rug, they are my weakness. I can spend hours on eBay tracking them down. x

Destiny said...

Love that movie, love beautiful rugs. They really do tie the room together <3 Great post!

Room for Thinking said...

Wow, the large sculpture is just haunting and beautiful. Stunning. I just love your blog. It's so different from every one out there.

Angela Leberte said...

great inspiration pics!!


Air Bohemia said...

Again you inspire...time to clean the studio...or maybe just relax and THE DUDE...LOVE it!!!

Kellie Collis said...

I couldn't agree more! Love that rustic touch in the kitchen. Have a delightful day, Kellie xx