Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Where to buy... Gypsy River

I have got a few emails recently asking me where to buy bohemian furniture or home decorations, so thought I may start a regular series featuring some of my favourite 'bohemian' shops. So this week I am featuring my new favourite Gypsy River. Not only does the Lovely Kerrie sell the most beautiful furniture but she also sells jewellery, collected from her travels around the globe.

I would love to have a shop like hers. Maybe one day *sigh*. So here is a selection of what is on offer at Gypsy River. For updates on Kerries purchases prior to them entering the etsy store, and for inspirational photos you can follow Kerries blog here.

I have a number of her beautiful Indian necklaces which are even nicer in real life.

Enjoy xxx

Vintage Suzani floor cushions

Stunning indian bags

. Vintage Banjara Tribe Necklace
I have just received the one on the left and it is more beautiful in real life than in the photo
Vintage sari umbrellas

Hmong Tribe Wallet 
Vintage Lhassi Mugs - Mmmm Lhassi!!

I am personally in LOVE with theis beautiful Vintage tribal silver and turquise cuff - only one so hurry

Vintage suzani throw


Air Bohemia said...

Uh oh...now you've done it...my poor bank account!!! Great stuff!

Destiny said...

Very beautiful stuff. Can't afford any of it, but it's lovely. Know if any shops that are a little easier on the wallet?

Vix said...

We have the same necklace, mine's from Mysore, I bought it from a Lamani tribal gypsy. x

blogmoodeuse said...

Gorgeous !! Tribal things make me crazy !! xoxoxox

Leslie Richman said...

So pretty!

Bohemian said...

What a great idea! And what amazing Bohemian Treasures this Shop has... I'm positively drooling over those Suzani Cushions!!!!!!!!! *break out the smelling salts!*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Julia said...

Thanks for the tip! The necklace is stunning!