Sunday, 27 November 2011

Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix at home

Jimi Hendrix style

Jimi Hendrix at home in London

Jimi Hendrix relaxing at home

Jimi Hendrix on stage

xxxxx Happy Birthday to my favourite Man and Bohemian Icon Mr Jimi Hendrix, 69 Today xxxxx

All images via Castles Made Of Sand tumblr


Lorena said...

hell yeah! THE man! awesome post! : )

hippyatheart said...

Really a genious and his music is like from another universe. Happy late bday, Jimi!

Vix said...

Such a gorgeous man, great tribute! x

Nichole said...

I forgot how much of a style icon he is! I've been trying to change my look as of late, to go more bohemian, and now I think I want to scour for photos of Jimi!

lynne said...

This has to be one of the best blogs I have seen.. love it!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent pics!!
And still one of the greatest guitar players on the planet!
Happy Birthday Hendrix!

aroluna said...

Totally love the pictures! Wow!
thank you!

amy said...

He is the king.

Look at his outfit. So colorful.. and whimsical.. we need to encourage the world to dress like this..

sending you happy spells

Anonymous said...

i want to kiss the ground he walked on! seriously keep this jimi-pic-thing going

Linda said...

OH NO I missed it!!! Where to hell was I!!! Happy Belated Jimi...Keep rocking the heavens!! You are sorely missed!! <3

Great pics of him!!