Tuesday 3 July 2012

A Santa Monica Home...

Santa Monica Home, Leather sofas, house plants and rugs
Cost Home: cat

Fireside: Shoes and plant
That dresser is amazing!!


Simple and stylish Spare room

Bohemian kids room, love those baskets!!

I have discovered another awesome photo blog called Old Brand New. All the above images are from a Santa Monica home the blog/ photographer owner was staying in to work from.  Stunning....

I am a bit behind with everything at the moment as I have been working nights, which frazzle my brain, but look out for a special post full moon/ 4th July Give away

xxx gabi xx


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

it would be so nice to spend some time there. just gorgeous!

<3 Melissa

Kelsey said...

love love love love loveeeee!!!! Sooooooo amazing! I could picture myself living in that place- beautiful inspiration!!



Heidi said...

Oh, Le Sigh.....

The first shot is my Dream Home~

xo, Heidi

Boho Mixology said...


Zoe xx