Friday 21 February 2014

Welcome to the Jungle.....

Jungle Sitting Room
Jungle sitting room and Chesterfield Leather sofa
Jungleiscious !!
House plant filled Kitchen via The Shiny Squirrel

I have been really ill his week but today I actually ventured out of my house for the first time last Sunday, but because it was raining and my bump is causing me to be off balance,  managed to slip over in a squishy bit of mud, I have grazed knees, an exploded can of Lychee and a slight bruised ego.... but my bump and the little Aloe Vera plant, imaginatively called Vera, adopted from the Vietnamese Supermarket were left unharmed, Phew!!

So because I have dedicated plenty of posts to babies recently I though I would dedicate one to the the resilient house plants and those that let them take over their homes :)

House plant filled entrance way


Unknown said...

Looks amazing!

Kath said...

hope you and the bump are OK now!
Do you remember those macramé and shell knotted plant hangers? I wish I had kept mine, I really liked them!

CdS-Element said...

My dream Habitat! Have already started the procedures to turn my central Athenian Flat into a Jungle! It's always a pleasure to see your posts! Greetings from Greece!