Thursday 27 February 2014


Beautiful bohemian Houseboat
Chinese houseboat on the Regent's Channel, London UK
Houseboat village
Houseboat with Sea Kayak, Richmond, CA
House boat living via Flickr
Here are some beautiful houseboats for you to drool over. The top one is my personal favourite, its so pretty and looks pretty secluded.... bliss :)

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Anonymous said...

There are some wonderful boats on here - check out the Abode

Unknown said...

Wonderful post, I just love love love houseboats <3 have always wanted to live in one!

Unknown said...

OMG house boats are amazing. We used to have an apartment in Amsterdam and spent most of our holidays there.
I don´t know how many times I walked next to the canals drooling over amazing houseboats. A dream!

Love, Mia

Carla said...

Oh soooo lovely!!!
Xoxoxo Carla

Tracie Nelson said...

I have always loved houseboats! Always wanted one!

Unknown said...

this is pulling at my heart strings. and reminding me how much I loved the movie waterworld

KamilÄ— said...

Oh, these are so pretty!! I especially adore the 4th one from the top!