Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The West German Pottery collection and home of.... June DotBe

This post has been very, very hard to edit! I could literally re-post the whole of June's FatCat blog's contents it is just so gorgeous! June lives in Brussels and has a great eye for beautiful pieces of Mid-Century modern furniture and art. i t was only last year whilst in Copenhagen that I started to appreciate Mid-century modern style. This beautiful apartment has fueled my new obsession!
My personal favorite in June's home is the Bathroom! I love that antique medicine cabinet!

I have promised myself I am not allowed to collect or buy anything more for a while, maternity pay is really not hat great, plus as mentioned here I am trying to de-clutter. But for those of you who are inspired by Junes gorgeous collection... I have found an awesome array of West German Pottery on eBay and created a new 'eBay Collection' of pieces.. below are a few of my favourite pieces

Blue Onion Glaze Vase
Fat Lava West German pottery

To see more of my ebay collections visit here


Ipmilat said...

Looks nice but it doesn't look comfortable! Where do you sprawl, where are the banks of cushions?

Pauline West said...

Such satisfying shapes, colors :)

Kath said...

love the cat in the bath!

Sugar and Spice said...

Gabi, Ikea has an antique style medicine cabinet just like the one in the bathroom, lovely and fair priced. Just an fyi since you like it so much. They have a few different colors too.

Mary said...

I have a cat that loves to drink from the bathtub faucet too. Lovely home.