Sunday 6 April 2014

Reflection: Time to De-Clutter...

Clean white and crisp... Bohemian Bedrooms
White bedroom details
White Natural bedroom
White bedding with beautiful bedside table
Relaxing White bedroom
White bedroom with four poster bed
Space, Light and clutter free!

A couple of years ago if I had seen pictures of white minimal bedrooms I would have scoffed at how boring and unimaginative they were, but recently I not only appreciate their calm, relaxing beauty but actually crave the tranquility.

I have always been a hoarder. Not like the hoarders you see on T.V that collect newspapers and have created tunnels through caves of rubbish bags, I am more of a magpie. I love pretty things, and bargains! If I see something I have been looking for I am convinced that it was fate....  the universe has brought me a shiny thing, it was meant to be mine....

My boyfriend has told me countless times that I need to de-clutter and stop buying more stuff, and I have always just got annoyed at him... how dare he not appreciate my beautiful objects? I am just trying to create a beautiful home... or am I?

For the last few months I have started to realise that actually my bargain buying is out of control and just causing unnecessary stress. I actually dread the postman bringing my secret packages on days when my boyfriend is off work. I am one of the modern age 'consumers' of crap that I 'want' not 'need'.

So over the last couple of months I have started the process of de-cluttering. I have followed the advice of websites and books and found the whole experience really liberating. it is a slow process and I by no means want to live in a minimal home totally devoid of personality but a more organised one would be nice.

White bedroom, with an acceptable amount of clutter?
How about you guys? Do you have any wisdom on decluttering your home? or do you like the clutter and eclectic look?


-j. said...

Yes, definitely! Perfect post for me right now. We're in the process of moving to the new flat (your wonderful blog and pinterest gave me a lot inspiration for it by the way:)) and I'd really really want to keep it uncluttered.

As my home was always full of books and I guess I couldn't live without reading, I'm very thankful for discovering e-book reader. There are some books which are very important for me or look particulary good, but many are just equally rewarding in digital form. And so many space is saved!

Enjoy your de-cluttering :)

Charlotte Chance said...

A few years ago i read a book called Wabi Sabi: for artists,designers,poets and philosphers. it's one of my favorite books and in it is a line that i find really helpful as I too am a natural clutterist........"The delicate balance between the pleasure we get from the beauty of things and the pleasure we get from the freedom from things."
I moved last year after 15 years and shed a lot of stuff, it was hard but also liberating....I still have more to shed, but in my new place am striving to keep a sense of spaciousness and no cluttter

bofill said...

This is an issue I struggle with, too. I have gone through my cupboards and closets and gotten rid of most everything I don't need, which is wonderful and empowering, but I am so drawn to the cluttered Bohemian interiors I see online! I guess each person needs to find their own balance. My emphasis now is on owning only things that I love or that I actually need - or both, if at all possible!

Moon to Moon said...

-J- Books are one of those things I could never totally replace with e- versions as I love them too much. However I should make more use of the library!

It funny, as soon as I read your comment Charlotte I thought maybe I should buy that book! But maybe I should get it from the library !

Bofill- I think your are right balance is totally the key. Key pieces is the way forward


Babylon Sisters said...

I can't go totally minimalist so I agree it's all about balance. I'm going through the (slow) process of de-cluttering now - very liberating!

Anonymous said...

I lived in Japan and can tell you a trick. They have four seasons and appropriate decor for each season. The other seasons-worth of vase, scroll, etc. are packed away. Then they put out the three new items each season. This does not help you throw things away. However, my trick is to pick 2 pictures or pieces of decor per season per public room and then I have to sort to each of those categories, allowing myself 4 seasons worth of items per year. The rest is either gifted away or packed away depending upon if it fit a category. I switch items out each season and it feels fresh and new yet cherished and old.

I can also tell you that many modern Japanese homes are full of clutter and junk. Some are not. Some are full of cherished knives, cooking pans, a vase, some books and that is it. It really depends upon the person and their lifestyel.

Amy said...

With household items and clothing I've started asking myself, "Is this thing awesome? Does it make me/my home feel/look awesome?" If not, I don't get it, it's not worth having things around that are just "good enough". I could pick up so many cute, fun, pretty things but then I'd just have more stuff. Now, one way this has backfired is with our sofa. Our current one is a broke down, torn up, uncomfortable velvet Victorian that I really want to replace but won't until I find "the one" that I can afford. We're also considering making one out of pallets, but unfinished projects are my other issue.

I'm also practicing a one in-one out policy, which helps things. Rotating items seasonally so I can fall in love with old favorites and shop my own things for inspiration. Passing along items I think someone else will really love. Using my library card instead of buying books. Right now I just need to get a handle on my craft supplies (oh yarn, I love you!).

Amy said...

I forgot to add, as someone who has several cats (and fosters for our city shelter) part of avoiding clutter is so it's easier to clean up all the cat hair. I love the look of the homes that are full of collections and arrangements and STUFF but then I know it would never work in my place. Just the vacuuming and linens laundry alone would drive me batty. Decluttering and paring down can be a way to give yourself more time to attend to the things you really love!

Leslie-Anne said...

While I love the eclectic look I do not like clutter. I have made it my goal this year to de-clutter for 15 minutes every day, to get rid of 17 years of accumulation of "stuff" in my house. I am enjoying the process and loving my space even more. By the way, your blog is great!

PinkPanthress said...

I love all these images... I declared a war against clutter over a Decade ago... but it still continues. :)

Follow the Royal Peach

Diane~Our journey to a simple life said...

I just posted about this, too! It's a work in progress. Good luck.

Unknown said...

So true...!!!White bedrooms are just perfect!I used to Live in a bedroom with fuschia and grey walls, dark Brown furniture, and even a fuschia feather garland around my balcony door!!!Also, it was really cluttered, full of my craft supplies, because it was both a bedroom and a craft space!A couple of months ago I realise that I can't stand all this clutter around me when I'm sleeping or relaxing in my room!Now I have white walls, white bedding, white curtain, white desk, and just a few storage after de-cluttering!!!White is offering cleanness and tranquility, and is also the perfect base if you want to add a few color details!Just started following you, I love your aesthetic! :)

Dorset Dawdlers said...

I am a hoarder too, it is really hard when you go to that charity shop and saw a set of beautiful plates for example, or that ceramic mug. I feel the need to buy them all. My thing is to leave it for now and come back a few days later to see whether I still want/ feel need it, or whether it is still there.

Saying that, I just on impulse bought a book case for £10, I can't help it, it is such a bargain. When I got home, it is just too big for any of the spaces, now it is sitting in the bathroom. Sigh...

By the way I just found your blog! So glad that I did.