Saturday, 5 July 2014

Campers, Vans, Buses and Wagons...

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Landrover Defender
Bus conversion
Van conversion

We have a VW Campervan that is pretty much permanently off road. He is a beauty but he is also very very expensive to maintain so it looks like we are going to sell him. It does make me sad to think of someone else having him but he really does need a good home and to be looked after by someone with at least £5,000 to invest.

One day when I am rich with a good disposable income I will buy another... and a houseboat

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Chesca said...

Hi Gabi,

What camper do you have and how much would you be asking for her? x

PinkPanthress said...

I would love to own a rolling Home one day. Maybe an old school Bus, USA/Canada style, where almost all the Seats have been taken out.

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Liz Talbot said...

What a comfortable looking conversion - talk about making the most of limited space. Owning an old school bus and converting it is also a dream of mine - then just travel around and see new things.

wildbindi said...

hey could you please link the the last picture of the van with the floral duvet covers to the owner? its owned by my friend, sydney fashion designer, tara grace ( peace and love x

laoi gaul~williams said...

ahhhh we are onto our third campervan now~we went from classic vw bay window, to an old citroen h van to a lwb vw...however now bought a funky French folding caravan so selling our camper too! but having so much fun getting 'lilith' cleaned up and ready to go off in next month :)