Friday, 1 August 2014

The Home of...Xochi Balfour

The Naturalista's Xochi Balfour at home in London

 Isn't this London studio apartment of healthy cook Xochi great? So minimal and unlike anything I could achieve with all my clutter... I wonder if Xochi has a hidden room full of crap too!!

When it comes to decorating, what’s your secret and magic?
I like to see my home as a blank canvas against which I can express my interests and experiences. I love traveling and this is always reflected in my style both at home and in my wardrobe. I crave colourful things and am always drawn to vibrant patterns and textures. Keeping my walls and floor white lets me bring all the treasures and talismans I like into my home without it feeling too busy. I also think a place looks best when it’s really lived in: when I first moved in I wanted everything to be perfect and just so, but not many of us can live the minimalist life and I love my home space more and more as my things are properly used and lived with and find their own place there. Real memories and experiences shouldn’t sit in a glass cabinet all their life…

Xochi is the owner of blog The Naturalista
Images and full interview available at Free People Blog


Meg said...

Thanks for the intro! Love her vibe!

Anonymous said...

That fireplace is insane! I love it!

Monica LivingSweetLiving said...

I just love the way the bed is placed!