Sunday, 22 February 2015

Healing Spaces....

South African retreat
Mark Borthwicks Brooklyn Pad

Eames House
Bohemian Bedroom
Jeffery Bale
Healing Tent

This weekend my mind has been completely consumed with my upcoming surgery .... tomorrow afternoon. Eeek!

I am not allowed to move for a whole 2 weeks..... sounds awful, but being a full time mum I am actually really looking forward to having time to read and relax (that is if I am not in too much pain....eeek!) whilst my partner takes time out of work to look after Alex.

I have of course been day dreaming of places I would love to spend those two weeks and any of the above, or a beech in India/Thailand/Hawaii would be ideal :)

If you were to have two weeks with limited mobility where would you like to spend it?

xx Gabi xx


Ipmilat said...

I'd spend it in the fifth photo down from the top - lovely way to create a fascinating space on a budget. Hope the surgery goes well.

Moon to Moon said...

Good Choice!
Thank you Vilges xxx

Kath said...

Wishing you all the very best for your surgery, I hope all goes smoothly and you are soon home resting and healing.

Where would I like to be? Lanna Mantra hotel in Chiang Mai (Thailand) by the river, smelling the heady scent of jasmine and enjoying the sun on my skin.

Moon to Moon said...

thanks Kath. I love Chang Mai too. the smell of fresh jasmine sounds yummy. such a beautiful place xx

Shell said...

In Hawaii or Tahiti. Have beautiful weather, ocean breezes and amazing sunrises/sunsets to watch.

Laura Morrigan said...

I think the third, fifth and sixth down are my favourites!

Sending blessings and I hope you heal quickly!

moonpoppy said...

I'd choose the healing tent,seems fitting;)
I wish you all the best for your surgery,and after.Enjoy the time to yourself!