Monday, 9 February 2015

Creating a Beautiful Bohemian Kitchen on a Budget

Tamsin Carvan's Kitchen
Emily Katz' Kitchen
Anne Parkers kitchen

These beautiful kitchens prove that you do not need a huge budget to spend on a shiny new kitchen to create an inspiring space to create your favorite recipes....... What I love about the three kitchens above is that the work surfaces and kitchen storage are actually secondary to the beautiful pieces of well loved and carefully selected crockery and utensils.

Handcrafted wooden spoons, earthenware and shiny copper pans steal the show in these rooms and I would personally love to make a good batch of hearty soup in any of these rooms :)

In the third in a series of guides I have written for eBay, I have used these beautiful images as inspiration for my ' Creating a bohemian kitchen on a Budget Guide '.. so if you need a bit of inspiration please check it out.... and let me know what you think :)


Unknown said...

I got all these images in my pinterest interior folder,
creating a bohemian vibe in my kitchen is a life goal!:)

Oly | TLV Birdie Blog

Rania {Rowan Tree} said...

I love this! Very inspiring and what I want my kitchen to feel like! I love open shelving solutions that showcase all the lovely, personal kitchenware one collects during life :) thanks!

Laura Morrigan said...

Pretty! I like it! The wooden spoons are cool!