Monday 31 August 2015

The Home of... Sarah Humphrey

 If like me you are a bit of a Spell Designs obsessive and follow their Instagram you have probably noticed their friend Sarah Humpreys ( aka Sarah phoenix) and her always perfectly effortless style... (that for me would take a lot of effort)..... so It was no surprise to me when i stumbled upon her home on the Spell blog and it had that same laid back vintage feel....

"by day her and her family eat and live in a cool shack in the hinterland, and by night they sleep on a bus"

.....and its a bus filled with stunning vintage clothes and Turquoise jewellery!!

To see more images and the original text visit Spell here


Unknown said...

I went on holiday back when I was 17 (ten years ago!) and this home really reminds me of the cowboy ranch we stayed on. Very 'wood'y and bohemian! Fab really!

Thanks for taking me down memory lane

moonpoppy said...

love it,thank you for sharing :)