Sunday 23 August 2015

Pianos Rock

The Romantic Bohemian Home of Erika Tanov and Steven Emerson, Berkley Hills...from The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney
Piano and Molar Piano stool.... hand made by Home owner Kieren
The botanical home of.... Musician Mileece Petre

Open Piano
Farmhouse PIano
I love Pianos. I think it is because I spent a great deal of my teens 'air piano-ing' to Tori Amos and then Fiona Apple. The Piano always seemed so elegant yet kinda cool.

My dad never brought me one as he said I had to learn the keyboard first to prove I would be committed, sadly I never felt inspired by the keyboard (although I do secretly love a bit of synth-pop) so my bohemian rock goddess on a piano dream was never realized!

One day, when I don't live in a matchbox sized house I will have one, maybe Alex will grow up to be a Freddie Mercury!!

x Kate Bush x


Unknown said...

I found myself drawn to the stools rather than the pianos. What a range of styles and colours!


moonpoppy said...

beautiful pictures,thanks for sharing :)