Friday, 16 October 2015

Add some colour with Peruvian Tassels...

Peruvian handwoven camino de mesa and tassels
Peruvian tassels from Urban Outfitters 2014
Peruvian Tassels from Gunn and Swain
pom poms made and worn by quechua women on the floating islands of lake titicaca in peru
These Peruvian Tassels are great aren't they? They are perfect for using as curtain tiebacks of for adding a pop of colour by simply hanging off some shelves or bathroom mirror. I have some similar which i have hung in Alex's nursery (he is 16 months is it still a nursery?)

The use of tassels—for adornment and ceremonial purposes—goes back almost as far as Peru’s history.  In ancient times, tassels were symbols of power.  Not only were they used to designate social standings, they were also used to honor and label mighty warriors.  The most powerful warriors would be layered with the most tassels, and have the tallest tasseled headdresses (much like the function of a birds plume).


Even today, tassels are used for labeling purposes in Peru, especially with livestock.  Forget branding, the Peruvians “tag” their alpacas with a specific tassel in the ear—these tassels not only designate the village and the owner, they also serve to distinguish male and female alpacas from a distance (because the different genders have different functions).

Italic text from 'Say it with tassels' to read the full text and more images of Tassels in Peru visit the original article here


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