Friday, 9 October 2015

Hats on the Wall.....

Hats on the wall in the the Home of Leah Hoffman
Hat wall in the home of Vanessa of HoneyWood vintage
Hats on the wall: Erin Wasson's Bohemian Venoce Beech home
Hats on the Wall: Free people
Hats on the wall at the fabulous HoneyWood Vintage

It was the bottom image of those beautiful handmade hats at HoneyWood vintage that inspired this post. I have been collecting 'Hats on the wall' images for a while and finally had enough to share. Sadly I am not a hat person, its not that i don't like them I just cant pull one off, however for a non-hat wearer i do have a great collection of Stetsons, floppy 60's hats etc... I also now have a place for my feathered beauties....


Katria said...

I wonder how they stop the hats from getting dusty!


Unknown said...

I love those hats, they look so classy!